350ML   |   28% ALC/VOL

Our Grapefruitcello liqueur is meticulously hand crafted in small batches using traditional methods to showcase the delicious flavour of New Zealand’s finest grapefruit.

In Italy, a sweet liqueur (often limoncello) is traditionally sipped after meals as an aid to digestion.

Here at Matahui Distillery we hand craft our “cellos” meticulously in small batches using traditional methods. In this way we bring out the intense, delicious flavours of New Zealand’s finest fruit.

For our Grapefruitcello, we showcase the wonderful flavour of a superb variety of red grapefruit available in New Zealand by using fresh fruit picked at perfect ripeness to maximise the aromatic oil content in the zest. The result is a delicious liqueur with a deep and pure grapefruit flavour, perfectly balancing sweetness with the floral and zesty notes from the skins.

How to serve:
Serve chilled neat or over ice, or add to cocktails for a burst of citrus flavour. There is no need to serve from the freezer; refrigerator temperature is ideal.

All our liqueurs are completely natural, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Much like a wine, this means flavours may alter with age. For this reason it is best to store our Grapefruitcello in a dark cupboard or the refrigerator to minimise flavour alteration over time.

250ML   |   28% ALC/VOL

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