Plan your visit

Plan Your Visit

This information will help you plan your visit to Matahui Distillery and understand what to expect when you are here.


Matahui Distillery is located at 270 Matahui Road, Aongatete. Unfortunately there is currently no public transport option for visiting the distillery.

There is limited parking on site for 8 cars. The closest space to the distillery buildings is reserved for blue badge/accessibility parking.

All guests should wear sensible footwear, ie no open toed sandals or high heels.

There are various seats where you can rest on arrival should you require it, including a picnic bench and outdoor cafe-style chairs.


Distillery staff may draw visitors' attention to certain health and safety procedures, to which visitors must adhere.


While at the Distillery, visitors must observe the following:

- No smoking or vaping other than in the designated smoking area.

- No dogs, other pets or animals are allowed within the distillery or its grounds, with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

- No access to any area of the Distillery other than those designated for access by visitors. There is clear signage throughout the site.

- We politely request that visitors do not bring and consume their own food and drink on the distillery premises, with the exception of water, and food and drink for infants.


The car park is compacted gravel. The walkway connecting the car park with the buildings is wide and wheelchair friendly, with a level timber decking surface approximately 10cm above the ground.

Access to our Flavour Lab where we host some of our experiences is by either a flight of 3 steps or a wheelchair accessible ramp. Both access routes have hand rails. There is a covered deck outside the entrance to the Flavour Lab with a number of seats should you wish to rest. The floor of the deck is level timber. At night it is evenly lit from above and there is also a spot light over the doorway. There is a small ramp to enable access of wheelchairs through the Flavour Lab entrance, however there is a small lip on the doorway and care should be taken by all when entering the Lab. Inside the Flavour Lab the floor is made of wooden laminate and is level. The space is evenly lit from above.

Our Shop and Blending room are currently housed in a temporary portacabin. Unfortunately there is no ramp to our Shop and Blending Room at present; access is by two steps up. Inside, the floor is linoleum and the area is evenly lit from above.

There is low level background music playing throughout the distillery buildings.

Printed handouts are available in large type - please ask if you require a large type version. Braille is currently not available.

If you require a guide dog or other assistance dog, please contact us before your visit highlighting your specific requirements so that we can endeavour to deliver you a positive visitor experience and, above all, remain safe.


A temporary toilet facility (portaloo) is located adjacent to the Flavour Lab. Unfortunately we have not been able to secure an accessible toilet at this time.